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In case you missed it, here's what happened in Montreal on July 26

A look at the day’s events in and around Montreal:

Unlike other Canadian cities, Montreal’s housing market has yet to show “problematic conditions”

That’s according to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which monitors such things. Before Montrealers start gloating in the direction of Toronto and Vancouver residents in their lives, it’s probably worth noting that the CMHC’s reports that some trends in Montreal are moving in problematic directions. For instance, the city’s adjusted sales-to-new-listings ratio, while ten per cent below the 70 per cent “problematic threshold”, is on the rise and is expected to further increase in the coming quarters. 

For sale signs in Montreal.

Public transit and Bixi bikes will be free during the upcoming Formula E weekend

Mayor Denis Coderre made that announcement at the race’s ribbon cutting event on Wednesday. That will not solve all transit problems engendered by the event — complaints about the road course disrupting the lives of residents and merchants are already rife — but Coderre said the free transit will fit in with the theme of sustainable development. 

The home of Habs captain Max Pacioretty was reportedly robbed

The incident appears to be part of a robbery spree that affected multiple South Shore homes last week, but was first reported on Wednesday. Longueuil police said there was no indication that thieves had been targeting public figures like Pacioretty, who TVA reportedly had a watch and some cash stolen from his home. 

The spectacular wine cellar in the house of Max and Katia Pacioretty. Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s

Andrei Markov released a pop music video of sorts, and it is the sort of thing even he couldn’t defend 

Here’s a scary thought: Andrei Markov’s last public act before signing with a team other than the Montreal Canadiens could be  the publication of a cheesy, balloon-filled music video on Instagram. That’s what he did on Wednesday, albeit with the help of his wife and kids. Still, it’s pretty awful. Markov is still a free agent, and one suspects that his dubious musical decisions would likely be forgiven if he re-signed with the Habs. 

Instagram Photo

Car-sharing appear to be further inflaming Montreal’s parking wars

Parking regulations in Montreal are made at a borough level, which has led to a concentration of car-sharing vehicles being parked in the neighbourhoods that allow companies in this sector to buy universal parking permits. That, however, has irked some locals who must then contend with these added vehicles when trying to park near home. This, ironically, is a problem that might be solved through greater adoption of car-sharing instead of personal ownership. For now, however, politicians in a number of the city’s boroughs are looking at parking rule reforms that might address this issue.