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Hells Angels gather at bike show near St-Hyacinthe: report

Several members of the Hells Angels and other motorcyclists planned to attend the Thunder Bike Show Saturday evening in St-Pie, a municipality near St-Hyacinthe, TVA Nouvelles reports.

St-Pie Mayor Mario St-Pierre said he is frustrated by this gathering, which is taking place at the Sanair race track, according to the report. St-Pierre added that he feels the municipality was cheated because it was not informed about the type of clientele that would be present at the event. 

“Before giving a permit to anyone, it needs to go through the municipal council, and we will follow this closely. We are not obliged to give a permit to just anybody,” he said. “We basically got screwed over. I’m shocked. We are getting screwed over by people like them.”

“When they were setting up the stage, we noticed that it wasn’t only business people who would be in attendance,” the mayor added in the report. “We realized motorcyclists were involved.”

The Sûreté du Québec will be present at the gathering to monitor entrances and exits, and will also take up-to-date photos of wanted criminals, the report said. 

The media coverage leading up to the event resulted in less people attending the show on Friday than expected, one of the event’s organizers told TVA.

In addition to showcasing various motorcycles, the Thunder Bike Show includes concerts by Jonas and David Usher as well as Metallica and AC/DC tribute bands.

According to TVA, there will also be a Support 81 Montréal stand. The group raised controversy this month for having a kiosk set up at an agricultural fair in St-Hyacinthe. The group is associated with the Hells Angels, with the number 81 in their name referring to the position of the letters H and A in the alphabet.