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Air quality advisory lifted as rain chases away smoke and smog in Metro Vancouver

An air quality advisory for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley has been lifted after recent rainfall helped to push smoke out of the region.

“The advisory was due to elevated concentrations of fine particulate matter due to smoke from wildfires in Washington state and the Interior of B.C.,” read the Metro Vancouver authority’s latest update, shared Saturday. “Changing weather patterns have now improved air quality throughout the region.”

The advisory had been in effect since Monday, after smoke from a number of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest filled the skies over Metro Vancouver and the valley with smoke and fog.

While the rain has provided some relief, the authority noted it’s possible the smog could return, as wildfires in the region continue to burn.

According to Emergency Management B.C., still 19 evacuation orders remained in effect Friday, affecting more than 4,800 people. Another 11,600 people were on evacuation alert.