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While you were sleeping: Irma girds the Caribbean, nears Florida

Also: A deadly motorcycle crash and a vigil in Cabot Square

A motorcyclist died after a collision with a care in Pierrefonds

According to witnesses who spoke to police, the motorcyclist went through a red light without stopping and then collided with a car. Police say the motorcyclist was thrown by the force of the impact onto a lamppost, which broke and then fell across two vehicles. The 25-year-old man was declared dead at the scene.

A vigil was held in Cabot Square for two Inuit women who died in Montreal

Siasi Tullaugak and Sharon Barron, both 27, had come to Montreal from Quebec’s far north in hopes of finding better lives. On Aug. 28, Tullaugak was found hanging from her balcony. Two days later, police discovered Barron’s body inside her home in Dorval. “I’ve been working at the shelter since 1999, and this issue is not getting better,” said Nakuset, the director of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. “Our women are still falling through the cracks.”

Hurricane Irma crossed Cuba, and the Caribbean’s storm trouble isn’t over 

Hurrican Irma moved through Cuba’s Camaguey Archipelago overnight and is now headed for Florida. It dropped to Category 4 status early Saturday with wind speeds of about 155 miles per hour. More than 6 million people in Florida and Georgia have been warned to leave their homes. Meanwhile in the Caribbean, residents of St. Maarten, which was devastated by Irma on Wednesday, are being told to head to shelters as Category 4 Hurricane Jose approaches with 150 miles per hour winds. Messages from Dutch marines have been dropped in flyer forms from helicopters over the former colony.

Irma and Harvey aren’t just hurricanes, they’re also a married couple 

Harvey and Irma Schluter of Washington state have been married for 75 years. He’s 104, she’s 92, and now their names have been used for consecutive hurricanes. There have been hurricanes named Harvey during their lengthy marriage, but never of this magnitude or followed by an Irma. Particularly destructive hurricane names tend to be retired from use by the World Meteorological Organization.

Sources: The Associated Press