Outrage at New York food cart with three handmade signs reading ‘Free Food for Black People’

A POP-UP food cart with paper plates signs reading “free food for black people” in the streets of New York has been branded “racist” by angry onlookers.

A man and a woman were spotted setting up a cart around 9am outside Bronx Supreme Court advertising their free doughnuts and juice on Styrofoam plates.

A pop-up food cart,with a sign reading ‘Free food for black people’ appeared on a corner in the Bronx on Thursday morning
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But their three controversial handmade signs caused plenty of outrage among passersby.

One woman, who was repeatedly denied any grub when she confronted the duo, said: “Are you kidding me? If I did something like that, it would be considered hate.”

A young man running the cart also refused to serve a Post reporter.

The cart was put in place outside the Bronx Supreme Court for about an hour and a half before closing
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They were offering doughnuts and juice to ‘black people only’
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The woman, who was running the cart, insisted that it wasn’t restricted to just African-Americans.

She said: “Mexican people are black.”

The pair closed up the pop-up shop around 10.30 am – just an hour and a half after they started serving.

A woman known only as Miss CJ commented: “A more accurate sign would have been “Free Food For Everyone Except White People.”

“Good thing most people – regardless of skin colour – are more than capable of getting their own juice and donuts. So, no – we don’t need your virtue-signaling ‘charity’, thanks. How stupid.”

Last month, a black waitress was left stunned when a white couple she served breakfast left a racist message on the bill she gave them which read: “Great service don’t tip black people”.

Kelly Carter was serving the pair at Anita’s New Mexico Style Café in Ashburn, Virginia, in the US, on Saturday, and said she was shocked by the racially charged message.

Despite getting the message, on the £25 bill, she refused to let it get her down and came into work the following day: “(The customer) didn’t hurt me. He only hurt himself. He only makes me stronger.”

Waitress left message on bill: 'We don't tip black people'

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