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Stomach-churning video shows mum feeding a toddler live WORMS taken from a bowl of writhing creatures

SHOCKING footage shows a mother feeding her hungry toddler LIVE worms from a bowl full of the wriggly creatures.

The 50 second clip shows a little girl being hand-fed the black worms while sat on the floor.

The child is pictured being hand-fed live worms by her mother
The little girl seems happy to eat the slimy treats

Despite the creatures having considerable protein content, it is unusual to eat them while they are still alive.

It is not clear where the astonishing video was filmed.

The little girl seems happy to eat the worms which would indicate she has consumed them before.

The mother surprisingly is happy to film the feeding and gently encourages her child to eat the slimy beasts.

At one point the mum drops some of the worms which then wriggles away.

And despite seeing her live lunch slithering across the ground, the hungry kid is happy accept more from the bowl.

Worms are eaten in countries across the world particularly within nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America

People in almost 90 countries around the world enjoy insects and worms as part of their diet, according to LiveStrong.com.

A Royal Society found that earthworms’ protein content is comparable to eggs.

The study also revealed that the amount of calcium in the slithering beasts is similar to cow’s milk or cheese.

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