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What is a Black Moon, when is the next one in 2017 and what does it mean?

IT IS a rare astrological event that sees the moon illuminated by the Earth, making it almost impossible to see.

And the Black Moon phenomenon always sends space boffins and science lovers into a frenzy.

From how rare it is, to when it occurs, here’s everything you need to know about the Black Moon…

What is a Black Moon?

Black Moon
As the Earth casts a shadow, the Black Moon phenomenon occurs
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In rare circumstances, the moon is illuminated by the Earth’s shadow, making it almost impossible to see.

The dark cast that falls over the celestial body is why the event has become known as a Black Moon.

When does it occur?

As a Black Moon only ever occurs when there are two new moons in the same month, the unusual phenomenon only appears every 32 months.

Depending on where you live in the world, the Black Moon can be witnessed at different times of the year.

Black Moon
The event will occur at different times depending on your location
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When is the next Black Moon?

The next black moon will take place on August 21, 2017 and will cause a total solar eclipse.

The eclipse is being nicknamed the Great American Eclipse as it will span across the US from the east coast to the west.

It will be tricky to spot the rare celestial event
It will be tricky to spot the rare celestial event

In the areas surrounding the US, people won’t experience a total eclipse, but there will still be a partial solar eclipse.

However, people in the UK will be disappointed as the eclipse will not be visible over Europe.

What does a black moon mean?

As well as capturing the imagination of astrologists, pagans also considered a black moon an important event.

In some aspects of paganism, especially Wiccans, a black moon is considered a special time when spells and rituals are considered to be more powerful and effective.

However, in some belief systems, they think that rituals and other workings should not be carried out during this time.