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Peter Kay’s Car Show fans slam comedian for fiddling with his phone at the wheel and breaking the law in hit show

PETER Kay’s hotly anticipated new series of Car Share raised eyebrows amongst viewers as the show’s leading man “broke the law” on several occasions, by driving whilst on his mobile phone.

The first episode of the second series proved a huge draw on BBC1 as almost seven million fans tuned in to watch Peter’s character John pick up where he left off with love interest and colleague Kayleigh Kitson, played by Sian Gibson, 40.

Peter and Sian
Car Share returned for a second series last night
Press Association

But many were quick to point out that the character used his mobile phone at the wheel several times throughout the half hour episode – despite a recent tightening of the law.

At one stage while stopped at traffic lights 43-year-old Peter’s character is seen watching an amusing

YouTube video of himself while at the wheel, before pulling away again shortly afterwards.

Peter and Sian
Although viewers were keen to see where John and love interest Kayleigh left off, it wasn’t the key topic of conversation
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On other occasions he is seen handling his phone to read the screen, despite chatting on a hands free kit.

And viewers were quick to joke that new legislation could quickly mean an end to the series.

Viewer Matt Thomson wrote online: “How many times did Peter Kay touch his phone while driving on Car Share? The BBC should probably have picked up on that.”

Peter and Sian
Many viewers noticed that Peter’s character, John kept checking his phone while driving

And another fan added: “If Peter Kay were in County Durham he’d have been pulled over at least three times by the cops for holding his phone while driving.”

And a third quipped: “There won’t be another series of Car Share – it’ll be Bus Share once he gets banned from driving and using his phone all the time.”

Stricter new laws came into force on March 1 this year, which see drivers who have held their licence for less than two years face an instant ban for being caught using their device just once.

The law still applies if you are stopped at traffic lights, queuing in bush traffic or even if your engine is still running.

Some pointed out that this episode came at an odd time since the laws around driving while on the phone had recently been tightened

Drivers caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel will now receive a fine of £200, double the previous charge, and six points on their licence.

Drivers banned under the new driver rules would have to re-take and pass their theory and practical tests.

The will-they-won’t-they story line quickly became will-he-won’t-he get caught by the cops

Despite the obvious flouting of driving laws, viewers were keen to praise the show’s return – with John and Kayleigh’s “will-they-won’t-they” romance storyline continuing to capture the hearts of fans.

But eagle-eyed viewers familiar with the Manchester suburbs where the comedy is filmed were quick to point out that Kayleigh’s route to work via bus, tram and a lift from John extended the route from her home to work by a hefty 18 miles.