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Violent convict who tried to murder Soham killer Ian Huntley has throat slit in jail

THE violent lag who tried to murder Soham killer Ian Huntley has had his throat slit behind bars.

Armed Robber Damien Fowkes, 41, was slashed in an attack at HMP Whitemoor and had to be saved by guards and medics.

Damien Fowkes
Northamptonshire Police
Damien Fowkes had to be saved by guards after having his throat slashed[/caption]

The hit bore chilling echoes of the killer’s own attack on Soham sicko Huntley, who he stabbed in the neck before asking guards: “Is he dead? I hope so.”

He added: “I hope I have killed him. I have been planning it for weeks. I slit Huntley’s throat for the crimes he has committed.”

Fowkes was already serving a life sentence for a series of violent armed robberies when he slashed Huntley with a DIY shank made by melting a razor blade onto plastic cutlery at HMP Frankland, in Durham, in 2010.

PA:Press Association
The attack happened at HMP Whitemoor last October[/caption]

The violent lag had previously cut child killer Ian Huntley's throat in 2010
PA:Press Association
The violent lag had previously cut child killer Ian Huntley’s throat in 2010[/caption]

The attack left the double child killer with a seven-inch gaping hole in his neck.

Fowkes was later jailed for life for attempted murder, with a minimum tariff of 20 years.

He also admitted to the manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility of child killer Colin Hatch.

He took him hostage and strangled in him in a cell.

Fowkes said he spent weeks planning both attacks.

Known as ‘Dib-Dob’ to friends, crack addict Fowkes was serving a life sentence with a minimum 12-year tariff for a catalogue of violent knifepoint robberies in Northampton.

Suspect Kevin McCarthy, 49, will appear at court today charged with trying to kill fellow inmate Fowkes on October 2, 2016.