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Four carers exposed making money with seedy web cams and sex chats when they should have been helping needy lose their jobs

FOUR disgraced employees who were exposed by The Sun performing online sex shows while working at a care agency have left their jobs.

Caremark confirmed one was sacked while three others quit during an investigation.

Simon Jones/The Sun
Rebecca Woodhouse entertained clients as ‘EnglishEmma_XXX’[/caption]

Rebecca entertained customers instead of caring for vulnerable people

They were filmed stripping in the home care provider’s office, in Walsall, West Mids, for £2 a minute when they should have been looking after the vulnerable.

Rebecca Woodhouse, 24, and her boss Michelle Robinson, 26, were among those selling sex chats on an adult website.

Caremark’s chief executive Kevin Lewis said: “I am still shocked and appalled by this unacceptable behaviour.”

Social worker
Workers stripped at their desks for £2 a minute
Care workers
Staff at the care home were seen in videos together

Walsall Council’s health chief, Ian Robertson, had called for a swift resolution and said: “It is great news.

“It was very important this was resolved as quickly as possible to give security for the people they look after. I am pleased that it has now been resolved.

“How they managed to slip through the net in the first place needs to be looked at. But now we must move forward.

“They are a good organisation and it is a pity this happened. Now we must stop it happening again.”

The firm, which operates a UK-wide franchise network with an annual turnover of £60million, has repeatedly come under fire from the Care Quality Commission for poor performance.

CQC chief Andrea Sutcliffe said after learning of The Sun’s findings: “This behaviour is completely unacceptable.

Care workers
Rebecca’s profile picture showed her at her desk wearing just a black bra
Care workers
Rebecca’s boss also stripped as ‘Bonnie_Blonde’

“In light of this new information I have asked my inspectors to look into the matter further to ensure that people are being properly looked after – which is what staff employed by Caremark are paid to do.”

Co-ordinator Rebecca Woodhouse, 24, was spending afternoons entertaining clients as “EnglishEmma_XXX” on sleazy website adultwork.com.

Her profile picture showed her at her desk in her underwear, with the caption: “Come keep me entertained at work guys x.”

Punters branded the workplace the ‘best office ever’
Punters branded the workplace the ‘best office ever’

Seated ten yards away, her immediate boss — registered care manager Michelle Robinson, 26 — also lured punters as “Bonnie_Blonde”.

The scandal emerged as Chancellor Philip Hammond planned to hand councils an extra £2billion to help alleviate the social care crisis.