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Government’s attempt to get Landlords to crack down on illegal immigrant tenants flops with just 100 booted out

A Government crackdown on landlords letting properties to illegal immigrants has been exposed as a flop.

Just 62 landlords were fined in the first eight months of the Right to Rent scheme — which places new obligations on landlords to check the legal status of their tenants.

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Right to Rent scheme has been dubbed a flop[/caption]

The rate of landlords fined under the scheme was one every four days.

Fines totalled £37,000 between September and February — with some landlords fined just £80 for letting to illegal migrants.

The average penalty was £600 — a fifth of the maximum £3,000 fine.

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Nigel Farage says failure shows Government ‘lacks guts’ to deal with illegal immigration[/caption]

And the scheme has only succeeded in deporting around 100 illegal migrants, the figures revealed.

Nigel Farage said it shows the Government “lacks the guts to deal with illegal immigration”.

A separate study found foreign nationals make up seven out of every hundred new tenants in England.

Visitors from 133 countries have sought accommodation in the last 14 months.

Most applicants come from India, Romania and Italy, the analysis of Right to Rent checks found.

Some 36 fines were issued to private households who had an illegal migrant as a lodger, while 26 were handed out in relation to tenants in rented accommodation.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Right to Rent deters people from staying in the UK when they have no right to do so.

“We regularly meet with representatives from the private rented sector, such as local authorities, landlords and housing charities, to discuss and monitor the scheme.

“This ensures that levels of awareness are good and that checks are being routinely carried out. Where illegal migrants are found to be renting property, we are taking action.”