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Miniature pooch gets stuck in garden gate while ginger cat he was chasing sits watching

HUGO the dog got stuck fast after trying to chase a ginger tom through his garden gate.

To make matters worse for the chihuahua-Yorkie, the puss stayed to gloat as the three-year-old was freed by a fire crew.

Barking mad … Hugo got stuck half-in and half-out of the garden gate after chasing a pesky cat

Hugo’s owner Kerriann Godwin, 56, in Southbourne, Bournemouth heard his cries before finding her pet pooch half-in and half-out of the gate.

She spent 10 minutes trying to carefully pull him free before calling the emergency services.

The ginger puss found it all very amewsing as he watched from a safe distance
The chihuahua-Yorkie was ‘shaking’ with fear as the fire fighters rescued him from the gate
Hugo got lodged in the gate as he gave chase to the ginger cat
Helping hound … Hugo’s owner had no choice but to phone the emergency services to free her pet pooch

She said: “I sat with Hugo and tried to calm him down because he was shaking.

“Five firefighters turned up and used a tool to spread the metal bars open.

“The cat sat smugly on the drive while it was going on.”

The local fire service said they were happy to help

Christchurch Fire Station said: “We were happy to help.”

Ms Godwin, who lives with her partner Graham King, has now fixed the mesh on the gate to stop Hugo from trying to escape again.