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Born to Kill disturbs viewers as schoolboy Sam casually murders an old man in hospital

BORN to Kill has disturbed viewers after schoolboy Sam murdered an old man casually.

The twisty Channel 4 drama centres around schoolboy Sam – who is played by newcomer Jack Rowan – who appears to be the perfect pupil and teenager, but instead murdered an old man in cold blood in the hospital.

Sam is a twisted boy who seems fixated on death

In the closing moments of the episode, a disturbed Sam throttled a patient without a care in the world, giving an insight into his worrying psychology.

In the opening scenes of the episode Sam was seen saving a boy from a bully on the bus to school, but hints of his darkness were evident.

He rehearsed a false story about his war hero dad, before trying it out on the boy, Oscar, he saved.

Sam zeroed in on his voice as he fell for the story, before the action cut to them swimming.

He tricked Oscar into jumping off the high diving board into the pool before holding his head under water and becoming focused on his struggle.

Sam followed Chrissie into the woods and it looks like they are kindred spirits
Chrissie turned on him when he took the blame for her fire

Finally letting him up, he played it off as if it was a joke, but the scene disturbed viewers.

“Dark turn,” wrote one while another added: “Giving me the creeps already #BornToKill”

Sam was then seen watching patients in a hospital as they struggled, before acting as if he was the perfect schoolboy, doing nothing but helping people and more viewers were disturbed.

“This kid is creeping me out already,” tweeted one.

It continued when he spotted Chrissie, the daughter of Daniel Mays’ character, as the teacher mocked her for wearing un-ironed clothes.

Sam followed her to the woods to ask her what it felt like when she was being laughed at before explaining how he faked smiles.

More clues emerged when his mum, a nurse at the hospital ward he volunteered at, told him one of the patients he had read to had died, and his reaction was to ask to go to the room with the body and take a trophy from him.

Viewers began guessing about how soon it would take for Sam to claim his first victim, with one tweeting: “Sat here trying to guess who the first victim will be. #BorntoKill”

However, it soon emerged that Sam wasn't the only disturbed pupil at the school when Chrissie set fire to a science lab, and Sam then took the blame for it in front of the entire school.

Unfortunately for Sam, Chrissie wasn't impressed by his gesture but later admitted it was her.

Sam fiddles with the medical equipment before he murders him
He strangled the old man without fear of being caught


Throughout the episode, Sam's mother was seen talking to an official about her abusive ex, who is presumably Sam's father, despite Sam's false story that he died saving a woman in war.

It was later revealed that Sam's father Peter was in fact in prison and his son was being hidden from him.

At the end of the episode Sam's lie about his father caught up with him when Oscar called him out on it in front of his family causing him to storm out and head to the hospital.

After the murder, he walked out super casually

Sneaking in to the ward, he stood over the sleeping patients before grabbing his book and beginning to read to one man.

But when he questioned him, he began to increase the man's pain relief before strangling him in bed.

After he had killed him, he calmly took a trophy from his body before arranging the scene to make it look like he had died naturally.

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