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Husband shops wife to the cops after finding ‘drugs’ in her bag – but it turns out to be a broken COCKTAIL UMBRELLA

A HUSBAND has been slammed online after turning his wife in to the police after finding “drugs” in her bag – only to learn he’d reported her over a broken cocktail umbrella.

The man, who is yet to be named, called his local police station in Wyoming, Minnesota, because he suspected his wife was doing drugs.

How could he? Husband turned his wife in over ‘drugs’ which turned out to be broken cocktail umbrella[/caption]

The cops were left scratching their heads after the confused husband handed them a bag with the drink accessory inside – which doesn’t even remotely resemble an illegal substance.

The Wyoming police department tweeted about the incident earlier this month, sharing a snap of the cocktail umbrella, writing: “A man thought he found drugs in his wife’s purse & contacted us.

“He was happy to learn that the items were just a broken cocktail umbrella.”

The station added they had to Google a picture of an unbroken cocktail umbrella to convince the man his wife wasn’t doing drugs.

Hundreds have reacted to the initial tweet to ask about the state of the man’s marriage, and slam him for telling on his wife.

Backlash … hundreds of Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to slam the unnamed man’s actions[/caption]

One wrote: “Has he never seen a cocktail umbrella? What rock does he live under?”

And others have criticised the unnamed man for going through his wife’s things in the first place.

Another asked: “What was he doing in her purse? What a snitch. He should have spoken with her, not treat her like a suspected criminal.”

Police said they even had to show the man a picture of a normal cocktail umbrella to convince him his wife wasn’t doing drugs[/caption]

While a third joked: “I’m guessing he thought a toothpick was hypodermic and the paper held heroin. He must have been really stoned.”

The police station, which has a well-documented sense of humour online, later tweeted an image of cops setting “traps” for stoners on 4/20, with a mix of video games, crisps and soft drink.

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