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Bradley Walsh leaves contestant giggling after he asks a cheeky question about her sex life

A QUIZZER on this evening’s episode of The Chase accidentally made a racy remark.

Not wanting to let the cheeky comment lie, mischievous host Bradley Walsh immediately pounced on the opportunity to make a joke.

Bradley Walsh is known for his sense of humour – and he didn’t disappoint on today’s episode

After racking up £4,000 in the cash builder, florist Kim was preparing to take on the Dark Destroyer in the second round.

Boffin Shaun Wallace offered the contestant a whopping £44,000 to take a gamble, but said he would take £4,000 away if she went for the lower offer.

As Brad asked Kim what she was going to do, she replied that “Fireman Pete wouldn’t forgive (her)” if she took the minus amount.

Florist Kim didn’t know what to say when Brad asked her more about her fireman husband


After the contestant explained that her husband was the fireman, Bradley couldn’t resist making a naughty joke.

He grinned at the camera, before quipping: “Oh right, OK. Are those the sort of games you play?”

Kim’s teammates couldn’t contain their laughter after the presenter made the provocative comment.

And the viewers at home were equally as amused.

The other quizzers giggled in disbelief when Bradley made the racy remark

One Twitter user joked: “I expect she’s worn fireman Peter’s helmet a few times”.

Another enjoyed the host’s cheeky humour, remarking: “How funny is it on The Chase when Bradley Walsh starts p****** himself laughing”.

It’s not the first time that Bradley Walsh’s saucy sense of humour has left everyone in stitches.

He recently made a quizzer laugh by making a VERY cheeky innuendo about carpets.

And The Vixen erupted into a fit of giggles when he made a lewd joke about dresses.