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Jack Russell owner feared neighbour was stealing away his dog so he framed her for harassment

A NIGHTMARE neighbour forged threatening letters to frame the woman next door because he was “jealous” his pet dog had begun liking her more than him.

Frances Avis, 33, lost her job and was branded a criminal because “paranoid” Mark Webb feared she was stealing away his Jack Russell dog Patch – with kindness.

Mark Webb has admitted framing his next door neighbour because he feared his dog liked her more than him

Webb, 42, called cops claiming she was harassing him and his wife Susan, had smashed up his Jaguar and threatened to burn down their home.

Webb then framed her with a series of faked threatening letters he claimed she had written to him.

The lies were so convincing she was convicted at Bath Magistrates’ Court in February last year of criminal damage and waging a campaign of harassment against Webb.

Frances Avis was convicted of harassing Mr Webb after he faked a series of letters and incidents

SWNS:South West News Service
Webb – pictured with wife Susan – falsely claimed Avis had smashed up his Jaguar and threatened to burn down their home[/caption]

Magistrates jailed her for 24 weeks, suspended for one year, and ordered her to pay more than £1,900 in fines, compensation and court costs.

But Frances, who lived next door to the Webbs in Bath, Somerset, insisted she was innocent despite being branded an “arson psycho”.

Her convictions were quashed on appeal at Bristol Crown Court last August just one month after being sentenced as Webb’s lies began to unravel.

SWNS:South West News Service
Avis was sentenced to 24 weeks suspended for one year and fined £1900[/caption]

Conviction stood until it was overturned when Webb came clean in the face of new evidence

He finally came clean on the eve of his trial at Bristol Crown Court – admitting perverting the course justice by forging letters to frame her for a bogus harassment campaign.

Webb was caught out when a handwriting expert cast doubt on the legitimacy of a fifth letter and linked the handwriting to notes his diary.

Webb now faces jail when he is sentenced on June 1.