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Obese 27 stone woman on benefits is cruelly ridiculed as she attempts to make it as a plus-size model

A 27 STONE woman hopes that she’ll make enough money to come off benefits by working as a plus-sized model.

Unemployed Sarah, from Lincolnshire, told Channel 5’s On Benefits that she’s come up with a way to raise some funds.

Sarah has set-up her own website and webcam venture in the hope of starting a new career
Channel 5

The Lincolnshire mum, who lives with her husband Anthony and son Alfie, has been warned that her weight could have serious implications on her health.

Sarah revealed: “My doctor told me – ‘this time next year you’re going to dead.’”

The 30-year-old, who is 5’1, is an estimated 17 stone heavier than a healthy weight for her height.

Sarah and her husband Anthony are currently both jobless, although they work as carers for their autistic son
Channel 5

Every year, the family claims almost £27,000 in benefits.

Sarah’s husband Anthony recently lost his job and the pair both work to care for their autistic son.

Despite warnings from her doctor, Sarah said: “I think you should be what size you want to be, as long as you’re comfortable and happy.”

Sarah enjoys showing off her curves when modelling, and hopes to make it a full-time career
Channel 5
Her husband Anthony feels proud that other men think his wife is attractive
Channel 5

She hopes that her body confidence and curvaceous physique will be enough to launch her very own modelling career.

Sarah revealed: “I love showing off my curves and I think that my boobs do give me more attention.

“I hope my modelling career is going to take me to a point where I’m going to get up every day and feel like something exciting’s going to happen.

“And not having to rely on the benefits all the time. Not everyone likes being on benefits and I certainly don’t”.

Sarah has uploaded some of the snaps from her recent shoots to her website
Channel 5

The mum-of-one is currently building up her modelling portfolio by uploading underwear shots online and has already signed with an agent.

Her husband Anthony has also encouraged her to speak to men on the internet, having her own webcam show under the alias Baby Jane.

Even though Sarah shows off her cleavage in the online chats, her hubbie is happy with her new venture.

He said: “It’s an ego boost when you’ve got guys saying how good looking your wife is.”

When Sarah confessed that she was yet to make any money from her modelling jobs, viewers of the Channel 5 documentary were quick to criticise her.

Many took to social media to slam the pair for cashing in on Sarah’s weight instead of vowing to get fit.

One said: “I’m sorry but her husband should be helping her diet not using her to make extra cash on the internet.”

Another accused: “Her husband is pimping her for financial gain.”

Although many trolled Sarah over her business plan, others were encouraged by her positivity.

A viewer admitted: “Sarah is 16st heavier than me (and I’m not skinny) but I can’t knock that she still has WAY more body confidence than I do.”

But even those who complimented Sarah couldn’t resist taking a swipe at her weight.

One Twitter user said: “Wish I had Sarah’s confidence… that gal’s happy in her skin – even though there’s plenty of it.”

Sarah isn’t the only On Benefits star to face criticism after appearing on the show
Channel 5

It’s not the first time that Channel 5 viewers have got riled up by On Benefits.

Some fans were furious when they discovered a dad who can’t work because of a bad back attends karate classes.

And an agoraphobic woman who spent 30 YEARS on benefits was slammed for going to bingo once a week.