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Which top supermarket causes the most stress? Mum Kryssy checks out UK’s biggest chains and finds out which one causes the most grief

CHECKOUT this for a stress test – the weekly food shop.

It can leave even the calmest shoppers off their trolleys and, with more choice on shelves, quick, hassle-free trips are rare.

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Mum Kryssy Moss with children Evie, seven, and son Albie, 14 weeks, takes our supermarket stress test[/caption]

We gave mum Kryssy Moss, 38, a list and hooked her up to a heart monitor to find the stores which cause the most grief.

With six to visit alongside daughter Evie, seven, and son Albie, 14 weeks, here she tells COURTNEY BARTLETT how she got on.

We have stated the number of minutes Kryssy spent in each store, while she marks them out of five for item choice, layout, signage and bagging.


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Kryssy says she was stressed from the moment she walked into Asda[/caption]

PARKING here was a doddle for Kryssy but it soon went downhill.

The size of the shop was enough to make her heart rate rise from 71 to 82 beats per minute.

Beef jerky was particularly hard to find. All that searching – plus the terrible music – took her to 91bpm.

Kryssy said: “I was stressed from the second I walked in.

“There’s such a thing as too much choice and, in Asda, the number of different brands and flavours can make you dizzy. It doesn’t make it any easier to have to pick from four or five of the same thing.

“The layout was terrible too. I mean, who would think the beef jerky would be next to the white wine?”

Kryssy’s heart rate remained at 90 for some time after.



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Impatient Sainsbury’s customers left Kryssy feeling flustered[/caption]

WALKING in with a heart rate of 80, Kryssy expected the slightly posher shops to be a walk in the park. Instead, she felt like she was being rushed by other shoppers.

She found space to park and most items were “where they should be” but being pushed along the aisles made her heart rate rise to 100bpm as she tried to keep Evie close.

She said: “You didn’t feel suffocated by choice but the impatient customers just left me feeling flustered. I don’t want to have to hold on to my daughter for dear life all the time.

“Also, where do they keep the bloody bacon!”

Once she found it – and had time to breathe – Kryssy’s heart rate slowed to 85bpm.



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Waitrose costs made the mum-of-two’s blood boil[/caption]

ALL was calm for Kryssy and the kids at first. There was underground parking and a peaceful vibe in the store, giving her a starting heart rate of 85bpm.

Then the costs started to mount and Kryssy started to boil.

With too much choice and Evie pulling her sleeve for a kids’ magazine, she hit 102bpm.

Kryssy said: “It was really nice and peaceful to begin with.

“There was no annoying music to get on my nerves and I didn’t feel I was constantly prodded in the back by other shoppers.

“But then I was charged nearly three quid (£2.85) for a roll of tin foil and I started to hit the roof.”

With a journey to the car out of the rain, Kryssy was down to 87bpm by the time they left.



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Tesco’s layout left Kryssy struggling[/caption]

OH dear. Kryssy’s heart rate was a tranquil 64bpm before she got out of the car in Tesco.

But after struggling to find a trolley with a baby seat for little Albie – then a pound coin to unlock it – her heart rate had already shot up to 73bpm.

Kryssy was struggling with the layout of the supermarket and her quest to find batteries saw her hit 91bpm.

She said: “I could feel myself start to get het up when I couldn’t find the Brie.

“I couldn’t wait to get out from the second I walked in and I was beating myself up when nothing was where it was supposed to be.”

By the time she left, Kryssy’s blood was still seriously pumping, with a heart rate of 80bpm.



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Kryssy said she and the children breezed in and out of Aldi[/caption]

FORGET a spa day, maybe a trip to Aldi is the best way to relax.

Kryssy’s heart was racing at 90bpm when she set foot in the store, and a door alarm caused Albie to start wailing.

But by the time she was half-way through the list, Kryssy’s heart rate had dropped to 76 and kept on sliding.

Although she could not find everything on her list, Kryssy gave the chain a big thumbs-up, saying: “I found the environment calm.

“It’s really good for essentials and it helps that you don’t have a million different varieties to choose from. We breezed in and out.”

Even with Aldi’s checkout staff doing their usual superfast scanning, Kryssy’s heart rate was 70bpm by the time she left.



News Group Newspapers Ltd
The Waitrose experience was a dream for Kryssy[/caption]

WANT to get mums to relax in the supermarket? Stick on some Jackson 5. Kryssy loved the music in Morrisons and reckoned it could help to comfort shoppers if it always played half-decent tunes.

Morrisons may have been the same size as Tesco but Kryssy found the experience a dream.

Her heart rate was hovering at 77bpm when she arrived – and it did not sway throughout.

She said: “Morrisons was by far the best. It wasn’t too busy and had everything I needed.

“There was no queue at the checkout and everything was exactly where you’d expect it to be. Proper stress-free shopping.”

On her way back to the car, Kryssy had two happy kids and a heart rate of 74bpm.