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BBC infuriates Eurovision organisers by opting out of full broadcast to show Scott Mills and Mel Giedroyc’s police spoof

IF the UK want another “nul points” situation at Eurovision they are certainly going about it the right way.

The BBC have left the contest’s bosses and UK’s competitors fuming by opting out of showing the full broadcast live from the Ukraine.

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Mel Giedroyc will be part of a police spoof during Eurovision[/caption]

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Mel and Scott will don real Ukrainian police uniforms[/caption]

Instead of airing the host nation’s semi-final interval act, which celebrates “love and peace”, Brit viewers will see SCOTT MILLS and MEL GIEDROYC’s spoof of The Force movie.

Scott and Mel will wear real Ukrainian police uniforms, much to the dismay of the Ukraine, which is in an unstable political situation. A show source said: “This has wound up the Eurovision delegation.

“Things are tense in Ukraine and by cutting out their interval act, which celebrates love and peace, to do a silly spoof, it makes a mockery of the show. The BBC are once again the only country to boycott their interval performance in the semi-final.”

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Scott compared the spoof to the film Taken[/caption]

In an exclusive interview, Radio 1 presenter Scott compared the pre-recorded sketch to the film Taken, starring LIAM NEESON, which is about the sex slave trade in Eastern Europe. He said: “We’ve got some ridiculous filming for the semi-finals. We’re dressing up as police officers — we’re doing a pastiche for the film Taken. We’ve got Ukraine police outfits.”

It isn’t the first time the BBC has infuriated Eurovision chiefs.

Last year, it boycotted Sweden’s poignant dance tribute about refugees in favour of a sketch of Mel stuffing her face with meatballs.

A Eurovision insider added: “The Eurovision Broadcasting Union is still very sore about how the BBC dealt with Sweden’s tribute. Obviously, it hasn’t grown up this year.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “In agreement with the EBU, for the past few years, the BBC has shown short films and interviews instead of commercial ad breaks or during the voting window of the semi-final that the UK audience can not vote in.”


Flash dancing

THIS year’s Eurovision theme may be to “celebrate diversity” – but the singers seem to be celebrating their bodies too.

Svala will perform in a low-cut corset in the first semi-final

Tonight, Iceland’s Svala will perform in an eye-poppingly-low-cut corset in the first semi- final. While Malta’s Claudia Faniello has her cleavage projected on to the big screen during Thursday night’s second semi.

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Italy’s Francesco Gabbani is happy to get female attention[/caption]

Macedonia’s Jana Burceska performs a provocative dance where she spreads her legs and flashes her crotch. And Italy’s Francesco Gabbani is famous for his 10in penis, apparently.

Malta’s Claudia Faniello

He said: “I don’t mind ladies giving me attention in that way. They send me pants in the post.”

They must be large.

Love in air

EUROVISION is about countries coming together but Denmark’s Anja Nissen and Israel’s Imri Ziv may be taking that a little too literally.

Denmark’s Anja Nissen is already stealing hearts
Israel’s Imri Ziv wants to ask Anja on a date

Imri said: “I really like Anja. She’s gorgeous. I’m single so I’d love to take her out. We’ll see. I’ll wait until after.”

If they don’t win, at least they may still find love.

—UKRAINE’s Eurovision entrant O.Torvald have a surprising tactic – they have been handing out personalised pants in Kiev. They said: “First of all we were thinking  it is good to take the pants off fans.” I’m not sure fans would be too pleased.