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Bizarre map lists 280 rude, flirty and dirty places – from Muff Creek to New Erection

FANCY scaling Mount Fanny or getting loved up on Intercourse Island?

Then check out this cheeky map listing 280 of the world’s RUDEST places.

ST&G'S Maps
The Magnificently Rude Map of the World and its Astonishingly Real Places Names lists 280 naughty monikers[/caption]

ST&G'S Maps
North America is home to Dildo, Spunky Puddle and Wet Beaver Creek[/caption]

ST&G'S Maps
Australia and New Zealand boast a variety of Knobs[/caption]

Head Down Under for Muff Creek and Two Mile Knob in Queensland – or Pensioners Bush in Tasmania.

Elsewhere, Russia boasts Vagina and Miass, while Canada has Witches’ Tits, Climax and Big Beaver.

The new release has been compiled by UK map-makers Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick.

A North Carolina road

Getty Images
Shag Rocks in the South Atlantic Ocean[/caption]

Twatt in Scotland’s Shetland Islands[/caption]

Founder Humphrey Butler admits: “When your day job involves looking for rude words on maps, the time passes quite quickly.”

Smutty-sounding spots include America’s Three Way, Horneytown and Wet Beaver Creek.

France has Miassole while in Spain there are Poo and Piles.

ST&G'S Maps
In Brazil you can visit Cum and Varghina[/caption]

Bald Knob, Shag Creek… the list goes on[/caption]

English gems include Back Passage and Bonar Place[/caption]

In Sardinia there is Buggerru while Rectum is in Holland.

As well as studying maps, researchers used government databases to find near-the-knuckle names.

Humphrey adds: “Type in any word and they’ll show all the places with that word in it.”

It follows the firm’s hit ­Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names, listing naughty-named places closer to home.

– See marvellousmaps.com.