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Great-gran fined £300 by litter police who swooped on a shop and found her sandwich wrapper by the till

A GREAT-GRAN was fined £300 by litter police who swooped on a shop she was working in and found her sarnie wrapper.

Lynn Brown, 70, had left it beside the till when two council officials marched into the vintage clothes store.

Lynn Brown
Great-grandmother Lynn Brown was given a £300 litter fine while helping out in a friend’s shop

They demanded to see the shop’s commercial waste disposal licence. The owner had nipped out so Lynn could not help them. She said: “One of the men said, ‘What’s this?’

“It was my sandwich wrapper. He then said he was giving me a ticket for getting rid of rubbish.”

She was told the fine would be cut to £180 if paid in ten days. Lynn said: “I thought someone was playing a joke.”

Twiter/ @RevivalsMadShop
Council officers demanded to see the shop’s commercial waste disposal licence[/caption]

She had only been helping out her friend Debbie Barwick, owner of the Canterbury store called Revivals.

Debbie contacted the city council to say she did have a licence and the fine was scrapped.

Lynn, of nearby Herne Bay, said: “I was an easy target because I’m an old lady. It was intimidating.”

Debbie Barwick
Debbie Barwick came to her pal’s rescue by calling council  to say she did have a licence

The council apologised. A spokesman said: “Officers issued a fixed penalty notice to a lady they believed was managing the store.

“During the conversation, food waste, the sandwich wrapper, was given as an example of rubbish considered to be trade waste.”