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Judge blasts parents who made sick son, 15, believe he was dying by exaggerating symptoms to medical professionals

A SICK teenager was made to think he was dying by parents who exaggerated his symptoms, a judge said yesterday.

The 15-year-old has been robbed of much of his childhood and teenage years as a result, he added.

Mr Justice Hayden has criticised a mum and dad who exaggerated their son’s illness for years

His mother’s bullying was said to have confused and undermined the confidence of medical professionals’ judgment of his case.

Mr Justice Hayden said: “The mother presented him to the world as dying.

“Moreover, she inculcated in the boy himself a view that he was dying.

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The boy, now 15, has been treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital for a variety of problems[/caption]

The judge was asked to rule on issues relating to the boy’s future care at the Family Division of the High Court in London
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“The parents’ actions led to prolonged stays in hospital.”

The family has not been identified.

But the judge said Westminster City Council social services had welfare responsibilities and indicated specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital were involved in his care.

He said the boy had a variety of medical issues and had been placed at a social services residential unit months ago.

The judge’s criticism of the parents and care workers came in a ruling after he was asked to decide on a number of issues relating to the boy’s future care at the Family Division of the High Court in London.