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Manchester terror attack bomber Salman Abedi ‘handed a deadly component for his device’ at a German airport

SUICIDE bomber Salman Abedi may have been given a crucial component for his device at a German airport en route to his terror mission.

Security officials are checking CCTV for possible contact between the 22-year-old and terror suspects in Dusseldorf.

Abedi flew to the city from Libyan capital Tripoli — via Istanbul — four days before the atrocity in Manchester.

A small component could have been passed as he mingled with passengers, sources said. He could also have been given instructions by an IS handler.

German anti-terror cops are using facial recognition software to match anyone close to him.

First picture of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi
Sophisticated detonator used in the suicide Bomb that murdered 22

Abedi could have been slipped a small object the size of the detonated at Dusselldorf airport[/caption]

A state prosecutor said: “It’s possible he was given the explosives after returning from Libya with a terrorist contract.”

A source added: “It was a highly sophisticated bomb and there’s no way Abedi could’ve built it or smuggled the components to Manchester alone.”

He remained “airside” at both transit airports - but police in Germany were last night examining footage for any sign of a clandestine meeting.

Anti-terror cops in Germany and the UK were last night trying to establish why he stopped off in Dusseldorf on his way to Manchester.

Abedi started his journey in Tripoli visiting family[/caption]

Getty Images
Abedi's family were driven out of Tripoli during Gaddafi's dictatorship and taken in as UK citizens[/caption]

A small bomb component, detonator, electronic circuitry or a switch could have been passed from hand-to-hand in an instant as he mingled with passengers, sources said.

Abedi could have alternatively been given verbal last instructions from an Islamic State mission controller during a brief meeting.

He was not on any terrorist watchlist so was not flagged up by security at any stage of his three-flight journey, which began in Tripoli on May 17.

The flight records and passport information of all passengers passing through the transit area during a crucial window of several hours were also being checked.

Other reports have suggested Abedi spent time in Prague in the days before the attack.