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Manchester terror attacker Salman Abedi may have been taught bomb making by notorious Brit ISIS explosives expert

A NOTORIOUS British ISIS explosives expert may have trained Salman Abedi.

Hamayun Tariq, formerly a car mechanic from Dudley, West Mids, joined ISIS in Syria after claiming to have learnt bomb making with the Taliban.

Bomb-making expert Hamayun Tariq may have trained Manchester terrorist Salman Abedi

Tariq is believed to have overseen explosive factories in Syria alongside the Belgian expert behind the devices used in the Paris and Brussels terror attacks.

Until 2015, he was a prolific Twitter user, posting threats to the UK.

He later went into hiding following drone strikes targeting British fighters.

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Abedi blew himself up with a device similar to those used in last year’s Paris and Brussels attacks[/caption]

Former mechanic Tariq tweeted images of his bomb-making factory in Syria in 2015

US officials said the Manchester bomb is similar in design to those built by a Belgium jihadist called Najim Laachraoui, who worked alongside Tariq in ISIS bomb factories in Raqqa.

Laachraoui is believed to have built the devices used by suicide bombers in the Paris attacks, which killed 140 people.

He was one of two suicide bombers who attacked Brussels airport last year.

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Tariq worked alongside Belgian jihadist Najim Laachraoui, believed to have built the bombs used in Paris and Brussels[/caption]

Laachraoui was also an associate of the leader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

It suggests the Manchester bomber could be linked to the Paris and Brussels terror gang.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Abedi’s ISIS-supporting younger brother Hashem, 20, was a cannabis-smoking student who once brawled at college defending his “hero” Osama Bin Laden.

Hashem was arrested in Libya on Wednesday.

Abedi's younger brother Hashem Abedi also supports ISIS[/caption]

A friend who studied at Manchester College said: “He was a layabout. If he didn’t like something you said he’d say ‘shut up you terrorist’.”

It has also emerged Salman Abedi’s former headmaster was Manchester’s anti-extremism tsar.

Ian Fenn was handed the role in 2010 as future terrorist Abedi, 22, studied under his nose at Burnage Academy for Boys.

He advised schools on stopping violent extremism gaining a hold.