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Next Government must commit to a purge on terror the like of which we have never seen

Terror purge

THE next Government must commit to a purge on terrorism the like of which we have never seen.

We cannot go on simply trusting that our liberal democratic values will prevail. We need to fight for them. How many more innocents must be slaughtered before we understand this? Five plots have been foiled since March alone.

Coward Salman Abedi the Manchester Arena Bomber

We need new laws and more cops with greater anti-terror powers. Cut the aid budget to find the money if need be.

Anyone expressing sympathy with ISIS must be tracked down and prosecuted. Those contacting ISIS must be tried and jailed. Life for those plotting slaughter.

British jihadis who fight abroad must never return to set foot here again.

SWNS:South West News Service
Police with firearms drawn arrest a man in Nuneaton[/caption]

The Prevent programme to counter radicalisation must be stepped up. Its budget looks puny.

Huge worldwide criminal penalties must force the web giants to eradicate extremism from their sites. They are complicit in evil.

This will not divide us. Why should it? The vast majority of Muslims here love peace and loathe IS. Those who don’t must be turned into pariahs.

We know who the terrorists are. There are 3,000 suspects, and 500 being actively investigated. Police need the muscle to bring them to justice.

Mercury Press
Police use a bomb disposal robot as they raid a property in Wigan[/caption]

Ukip have called this right. But voting Ukip is a waste of time. This will only happen with a strong Tory majority.

We know about Jeremy Corbyn’s past support for terror. The Lib Dems want to cut surveillance, scrap Prevent and protect the encrypted apps terrorists use.

We can act now, or agonise over it long enough for the next maniac to massacre more kids . . . and then do it.

But we must act. ISIS aren’t going away.

Barking Hound

Corbyn is known to support terror groups
Getty Images

SO far the election has been refreshingly light on facile leftie lectures from celebs.

But Rufus Hound, a Corbyn-backing “comedian”, made up for it with his sick rant on the moron magnet, Twitter.

It’s hard to imagine any sane adult publicly claiming Theresa May arranged the Manchester atrocity to boost her poll ratings. But living in a left-wing bubble babbling only to like-minded idiots will loosen your grip on reality.

Let’s hope this creep’s career nosedives.

Migrants dip

WE welcome the fall in immigration, but it remains too high for Britain to cope with.

It is still adding a huge extra burden on our public services and housing.

We look forward to 2019 when, post-Brexit, we can finally control it.