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Second generation Muslims grow up in culture clash that leaves them confused and vulnerable to extremist views

WHEN I hear the people of Great Britain protest about ‘closing the borders’ or ‘getting rid of foreigners’, I want to tell them that’s not the problem.

As we saw this week, a born and raised Manchester boy turned into a monster.

Second generation Muslims often experience segregation that leaves them prime candidates for grooming
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But why do some youngsters brought up in liberal, multi-cultural Britain want to become mass murderers?

Sadly, I feel it stems from our culture clash growing up as second generation Muslims. It’s leaving young people confused and vulnerable.

I was brought up battling with three identities: my parents’ culture back home, Islam and our British way of life.

Anila Baig was brought up in Bradford with three identities, her parent’s culture, British culture and Islam
Stewart Williams

And the British way of life always came third.

As a youngster growing up in Bradford, I was well aware of the differences.

I was the only one in my class not allowed to go on a school trip, for example, because it would mean mixing with boys.

While our white classmates let off steam in the park after school, we had to learn Arabic at the local madrassas.

When straight A-student Aqsa Mahmood from Glasgow fled to Syria to marry a Jihadi fighter her father lamented: “She became more religious and we thought that was a good thing.”

Muslim parents up and down the country are not going to report their children for going to the mosque and praying five times a day.

They want their kids to be pious.

Salman Abedi, 22, was named by cops as the Manchester suicide bomber
Salman Abedi, 22, was named by cops as the Manchester suicide bomber

But this is segregating Muslim kids who often feel deeply affected by racism and turn to Islam as a comfort.

Becoming religious was also a way of shedding their parents oppressive outlook.

They could reject forced marriage as ‘unIslamic’ for example, while still being seen as ‘good’ to everyone else in the community.


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These young Muslims would be prime candidates for grooming, already embittered and feeling like outsiders, ripe for the picking for sinister voices feeding them lines about ‘them and us’.

Thank God the majority of immigrant children will go on to be successful, hard-working, model citizens.

But Muslim parents need to stop this stranglehold on their kids.

If they want to stick to their faith so strongly they need to live in Islamic countries.