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Shocking bodycam footage shows moment a giant BLACK BEAR charges a hunter armed only with a bow and arrow

THIS was the terrifying moment a “wild and unpredictable” black bear charged and pounced on a hunter giving him the fright of his life.

Richard Wesley was armed with just a bow and arrow when the beast suddenly rushed towards him unexpectedly during a recent hunt.

Richard Wesley
Richard Wesley posted a two-minute clip of the wild encounter during his hunt in Fire River, Ontario, Canada[/caption]

Richard Wesley
Shocking footage shows the bear racing towards Wesley who has no time to react to the terrifying situation[/caption]

A two-second clip, posted to YouTube on Monday, shows the dramatic moment the animal turns in his direction and begins sprinting, despite his attempts to frighten the bear by yelling and making guttural sounds.

Heart-stopping bodycam video shows the large carnivore bounding towards Wesley who draws his weapon and aims to fire.

But the bear knocks Wesley to the ground and the pair can be heard wrestling for around 10 seconds, while the camera focuses on the wet floor.

Then Wesley is seen hurriedly walking away, before declaring to the camera: “Should’ve shot him a long time ago.”

It was not clear whether the animal was injured, but the Inquistir reports that Wesley said that the wild beast got up and fled from the scene at the Fire River in Ontario, Canada.

Richard Wesley
Video captures the determined bear leap over a log and pounce on Wesley, knocking him to the floor[/caption]

Richard Wesley
This was the exact moment of impact – the moment when Wesley was smashed to the ground by the rampaging animal[/caption]

Richard Wesley
After picking himself up from the floor, Wesley musters a swear word and says that he should have ‘shot the bear’[/caption]

When Welsey posted the footage on YouTube, he wrote: “I am so happy after this confrontation with a black bear during our spring hunt.

“No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down.

“Genuinely happy that this was a non-fatal or tragic outcome.”

The attack proves the black bear is a “wild and unpredictable animal” added Wesley.

Black bears kill fewer than one person every year on average and most of the attacks on humans reportedly occur when they are trying to protect their habitat.

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