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Big Brother winner Josie Gibson nominates paramedic with 38 years service for Who Cares Wins award – after her brother was assaulted in a pub

DOZENS of entries have been submitted for our Who Cares Wins awards.

This year, The Sun is recognising the hard work and dedication of NHS staff and others contributing to our health service.

Josie Gibson pictured with lifelong paramedic Bob Maggs, nominated for the Who Cares Wins award
Neil Munns

Winners, decided by a judging panel including TV’s Dr Dawn Harper, will be given their gongs at a ceremony in October, hosted by TV presenter Lorraine Kelly.

There is still time to send us your entries by filling out our nomination below.

Harry treated Josie’s brother after he was assaulted in a pub in 2015

Here, former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson, 32, reveals hers.

Proud Bristolian Josie is today nominating lifelong paramedic Bob Maggs, 59, for the Who Cares Wins Ultimate Lifesaver award.

During his 38 year career with South West Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, where he has dedicated his life serving the people of Bristol, Bob has helped deliver 25 babies and saved lives daily.

But he has also been assaulted twice, once resulting in a broken ankle and another time where he needed stitches in his face.

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During his 38 year career, Bob has helped deliver 25 babies and saved lives daily
Neil Munns

Selflessly, it didn’t put him off the job – which is one reason why Josie is nominating him.

JOSIE says: “I’m lucky not to have needed a paramedic but I’ve called on Bob and his team to care for my little brother Harry when he was assaulted in a pub on his 29th birthday in 2015.

“The level of care is second to none – the paramedics were sensitive, caring, kind and gentle. It restored a little bit of my faith in humanity after what had happened that night.

“To think that Bob has been working as a paramedic longer than I have been alive – and faced situations like Harry’s every day – means he has made a positive impact on hundreds of peoples’ lives.

Josie said his level of care is ‘second to none’ and praised his dedication to the job
Neil Munns

“His tireless dedication, care and compassion are why I’ve chosen to nominate him as the Ultimate Lifesaver.

“I know that our city is that bit safer and better off thanks to his 38 years and two months of care. Knowing people like Bob keep the city I love safe means the world.”

BOB says:  “I’m incredibly honoured to have received this nomination.

“But if I won it’d be on behalf of South West Ambulance service as a whole. None of us do it for the money or the plaudits so being recognised and nominated is a huge honour.

Bob pictured shaking Princess Anne’s hand in 2000
Neil Munns

“My career has seen me being called out to the IRA bomb in 1978 when I was a trainee. I was also sent to the St Paul’s race riots in 1980 when I qualified. I was terrified going in, 130 people were arrested and 25 were injured but we were able to get in and help those needed.

“There are always calls that stick with you, for both good and bad reasons.

“I remember call in the 1980s where, a husband had dressed up as Batman for a bit of bedroom time with his wife.

“He’d intended to swoop down from the top of the wardrobe onto her but the bed had collapsed and he’d broken two vertebrae. His poor wife was trapped under him until we could move him.

The paramedic teaches students that ‘everyone deserves the same treatment and compassion’
Neil Munns

“Fortunately they’d been able to reach the bedside landline phone to call us.

“There was one call out where a mum with three young children had collapsed in the kitchen, it wasn’t a bad collapse and we soon stabilised her.

“Her eldest, a six year old boy, had called the ambulance and a neighbour was there to take the three children to school, so once we’d treated Mum I made the kids their breakfast and packed lunches for school before we took their mum in for a check up.


“Some call outs stay with you for the wrong reasons though. I remember a query cot death a few years ago. The front door was open and we let ourselves in, there was a little boy no more than five at the top of the stairs who said to me ‘My little brother’s dead.’

“I’ll never forget him or his voice. His brother had died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“I attended a road traffic accident in the 80s where a family of four – the mum was pregnant with their third child – had been hit by a drunk driver.

Josie says people like Bob help restore her faith in humanity
Neil Munns

“The husband and their two daughters who were 9 and 10 were killed. The mum went on to have a healthy baby boy but those kinds of shifts are hard to get over.

“I mentor in universities now and the first thing I always tell the students is to treat your casualty or patient as you’d treat your mum, brother, sister, dad or grand parent.

“Everyone deserves the same treatment and compassion regardless of their circumstances.”

The categories

Best Midwife

This award is for an NHS midwife who provided great care for a woman or her baby.

Tell us your amazing birth stories or nominate someone for their ongoing hard work.

Best Doctor

This award is for any NHS doctor – who could be a General Practitioner, a hospital doctor or hospital consultant.

Tell us why the person deserves to win.

Best Nurse

This award is for any NHS nurse in any field.

Ultimate Lifesaver (eg emergency rescue or operation)

This category is for a person or team who have performed an emergency rescue or an operation or similar.

Tell us your ‘999’ stories and also your stories about remarkable operations or lifesaving situations.

You might want to nominate a paramedic or an ambulance worker or a surgeon.

Groundbreaking pioneer or discovery

This category is to honour scientists and researchers who have contributed to medical science.

Best volunteer

This award will go to the unsung unpaid heroes of health.

Do you know a friend or a person who gives up their time to volunteer at a health charity, hospital, hospice or similar?

Best charity

This is a chance to nominate a health charity who has helped you or a loved one.

Special recognition

This category is to cover anyone working in the health field who does not fit into any of the above categories.

Perhaps there is team of people, a manager, receptionist, therapist, physio or nutritionist you want to honour.


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