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Brit dad dies after holiday booze cruise on The Inbetweeners Movie party boat in Majorca

THE party boat used in the Inbetweeners movie is at the centre of a police probe in Majorca after a British dad died after a booze cruise

Etienne Hampton, 29, got into difficulties after jumping off The Britannia which was packed with 240 holidaymakers enjoying a free bar.

Etienne Hampton, 29, got into difficulties after jumping off The Britannia and died in hospital two days later
Etienne was rescued by other Brits who desperately tried to resuscitate him

He was rescued by other Brits who desperately tried to resuscitate him but he died in hospital two days later.


Spanish authorities are now investigating amid claims from other partygoers about woeful health safety measures onboard the catamaran.

The Britannia sails from Magaluf five times a week with punters paying £50 to enjoy the three-hour trip which includes unlimited shots of Vodka and Sambuca as well as lager and Sangria and free booze in Lineker’s Bar before they set off.

The boat is the same one used in the 2011 Inbetweeners Movie when Simon nearly drowned after jumping into the sea and tried to swim to shore to impress a girl.

Etienne had joined other revellers on the trip on June 18. After around 30 minutes heading out to sea the captain dropped the anchor and the DJ invited anyone who wanted to go for a swim to jump in.

Etienne jumped off the front of the boat and was joined in the Med by around another dozen revellers.

But most stayed onboard and mechanic Dave Sherwood, on holiday with his mate Nick Rowlands, said: “Where we stopped was a nightmare.

The boat is the same one used in the 2011 Inbetweeners Movie
Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

“It was really choppy, you had to use all you strength not to fall over when you were onboard.

“On other boat trips we have been close to the beach or the sea has been calm and you can see the bottom.

“Nick and I looked down and I said: ‘I’m not going down there, it’s a rough as hell.’ “What happened next was a total disaster.

“I went to the toilet. When I came back up I heard people shouting: ‘He’s drowning, he’s drowning.’

“Nick had had seen this this man about six inches under the water and he was about to go down.

Etienne received CPR after being dragged back onto the boat but he later died in hospital

“Nick risked his own life and jumped in to grab him.” Student Shannon Hewitt, 16, of Tonypandy, South Wales, was also on the trip.

She said: “We went off the back of the boat but I was shocked at how hard it was to get back on because the waves were smashing against the boat.

“I thought I was a good swimmer but it was really hard to tread water.

When we finally got back on everyone was in shock because there was this man in the water.

“Some people jumped off to help him. The two lifeguards on board were running around making phone calls but they didn’t go in the water.

The boat trip has continued running since the tragedy

“People who had been sat near Etienne before he jumped said he was normal, he wasn’t really drunk or anything like that.

“There were about three men in the water who brought him back to the boat and then others dragged him up.”

The waves were smashing against the boat

Dad-of-five Dave, 51, of Pontypridd, South Wales, said: “Nick started giving him CPR on the boat which he carried on for about 40 minutes.

“It was around 20 minutes before the boat even moved and started heading back to shore. There was no lifeboat or helicopter or anything.

The boat arrived back at shore and Etienne was put into an ambulance

“When we got back to the pier they put him in an ambulance. We were devastated.” Etienne died in hospital in the capital of Palma two days later.

The next day the Spanish authorities launched an investigation.

A source close to the investigation said: “Civil Guard were informed of the death when they were asked by an investigating court in Majorca to initiate proceedings into an incident on June 18 involving a British national.”

The boat trip has continued running since the tragedy.

Thousands of mostly young Brits – many on their first ever foreign holiday without their parents – go on it each year.

There was no procedures in place, no health and safety

Tourists on the same boat as Etienne yesterday blasted the safety on the boat as inadequate.

Shannon said: “This was my first foreign holiday with friends. I will never jump off a boat again and other people should be really careful.

“It makes you understand why your parents worry about you when you go away.

“They did give us some rules about being on top of the boat but nothing about jumping off and they didn’t offer us life vest when we jumped off. There was nothing.”

Dave added: “There was no procedures in place, no health and safety.

“There was a catalogue of events that was 100% avoidable.

Thousands of young Brits go on the boat trip each year

“There was no-one counting us on. The boat was totally unsuitable for a booze cruise, there was no easy means of jumping off and getting back on, it was a nightmare.”

Etienne lived on Jersey where he had a four-year-old daughter with his ex partner.

His uncle Ben Hampton launched a JustGiving appeal for £8,000 to help the family meet costs associated with the tragedy.

The target was reached in just four days and Ben said: “You are all amazing. Thank you so much from all of Etienne’s family for your fabulous donations and heart-felt words.

“To have raised over £8,000 in just four days is almost unbelievable – THANK YOU ALL!”

Etienne’s family said in a statement: “Thank you for all the love, prayers and support we have received.”

The Foreign Office said: “We are providing support at this difficult time to the family of a British man who died in Palma.”

The firm which sells the booze cruises – Magaluf Events – declined to comment.