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Love Island bosses prepare for sex-starved Olivia Attwood and newcomer Shannen McGrath to have fight over Chris Hughes… and Amber Davis’ bloke Kem Cetinay is a target, too

LOVE Island bosses are gearing up for a girl-on-girl fight as the show’s new babes target the lads for sex.

The five new sexy women sent in to tempt the fellas away from their current TV lovers have made a beeline for hunks Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay.

ITV Picture Desk
Olivia Attwood’s bond with Chris Hughes will be put to the test[/caption]

Shannen Reilly McGrath is going to go head-to-head with Olivia for the prize – Chris

The lads’ jealous other halves Olivia Attwood and Amber Davies have already tried to sabotage any cheating by spraying the boys’ clothes with perfume.

Shocked Kem likened them to cats trying to ward off intruders, remarking: “It looks like they’re marking their territory.”

However, the new girls predict fireworks soon when they come face-to-face in a sizzling sex battle over the blokes – especially with Olivia.

New arrival and feisty model Shannen Reilly McGrath said: “Liv comes across as a psychopath.”

The new girls enjoyed mingling with the lads when they arrived

Love Island was turned on its head last night when TV chiefs split the girls and boys into different villas.

Five new beauties, including Daily Star Page 3 girl Danielle Sellers, went into the boys’ house and six new hunks turned up on the girls’ doorstep.

Kem and Chris analyse the new girls and their own feelings in the guys Love Island retreat

The contestants will remain in the two villas for the next few days on a mission to flirt.

Kem even bragged he would be the fi rst to “s**g” in the new villa, adding: “You’ve put in a couple of gems so I’m going to see what happens here.”

The new women were given a dramatic entrance and now they have to earn their place

Chris said: “There are some fiery birds, I think we will have a little bit of fun.”

Meanwhile, his partner Olivia admitted: “I don’t have any faith in Chris. He’s an absolute idiot.”

Wednesday’s show was another ratings hit with two million tuning in.

The original girls are in for a struggle

If the swinging couch in the new villa is anything to go by, the lads will not be waiting long to "dust" the new ladies in front of the cameras.

The series continues at 9pm on ITV2.

Love Island lads demonstrate how to have sex with the new girls on a swing seat in the new villa
Shannen surprises the lads at their new Love Island palace