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Mum shares heartbreaking image of daughter, 11, in agony on a hospital bed as she highlights the importance of vaccinations

A DESPERATE mum has shared devastating images of her daughter in agony to highlight the importance of vaccinations.

Camille Echols’s 11-year-old daughter Ashley was hospitalised after coming into contact with a child with chicken pox whose parents, supportive of the “anti-vaxxers” movement, had refused to have their child vaccinated.

Camille, from Georgia, who works as a nurse, said that her child is suffering because of the "anti-vaxxers" movement
Camille, from Georgia, who works as a nurse, said that her child is suffering because of the “anti-vaxxers” movement

The movement, hotly debated within the United States, supports a theory which links the MMR vaccine to leading to autism – a discredited theory which has no scientific basis.

Ashley herself cannot have vaccines because of a kidney transplant she had when she was aged just two.

Because of this, her immune system is exceptionally sensitive to disease.

Camille, from Georgia, who works as a nurse, said that her child is suffering because of the “anti-vaxxers” movement.

She said: “I’ve seen smart-ass memes saying ‘why would my unvaccinated kids be a threat to your vaccinated kids if you’re so sure they work?’

“THIS is why. There are people who cannot have live vaccines, like my daughter.

“She was exposed to a child with chickenpox this weekend and now we are in the ER.

“She’s getting labwork, injections of immunoglobulin and then we have to wait to see what the infectious disease doctor says.

Camille's 11-year-old daughter cries in agony while in hospital
Camille’s 11-year-old daughter cries in agony while in hospital

“She could become very, very sick from this.

“Please, if you are someone who believes your child will get autism from vaccines, PLEASE educate yourself.

“There isn’t a single peer reviewed study that came to that conclusion. And the people choosing to skip vaccinations put children like my daughter at risk. She has been through SO much already. And this was avoidable

“As for those telling me to ‘educate myself,’ I am a paediatric RN with over 10 years’ experience in transplant and chronic illness populations.

“I have had extensive education regarding vaccinations. I would not post about something I was ignorant about.”

What is the MMR vaccine autism scandal?

British doctor Andrew Wakefield made headlines around the globe in 1998 when he claimed a link between the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine and autism.

His findings – published in medical journal The Lancet – are believed to have led to widespread concerns amongst parents giving their children the jab.

The Lancet retracted the story in 2010 after Wakefield’s article was found to have been “dishonest” by the General Medical Council.

He was later struck off before the story was declared fraudulent by the British Medical Journal in 2011.

The NHS say: “MMR is a safe and effective combined vaccine that protects against three separate illnesses – measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) – in a single injection.

“Subsequent studies in the last eight years have found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism or bowel disease.”

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