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Sun work fair sees 25 readers get jobs as single mum Sherine Campbell is snapped up by Tesco

TWENTY-FIVE jobless Sun readers now have work – thanks to the Sunemployment Roadshow.

Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium was packed for our work fair yesterday, with many landing life-changing jobs within hours of arriving.

Hired …. Tesco’s Emma Taylor (L) welcomes Sherine on board after offering her an admin job at HR office
Jamie Lorriman

Local single mum Sherine Campbell, 35, had been unemployed for five years but got interview offers from Premier Inn and Tesco — and was quickly snapped up by Tesco to work in administration at its HR department in nearby Yardley.

She said: “I try to go to every jobs fair there is — normally it is a load of people handing out leaflets.

“I didn’t expect anything today but I’m gobsmacked that I’ve walked away with a job.”

Personnel Director UK Retail at Tesco, Emma Taylor, appears on panel at Sun Employment roadshow
Jamie Lorriman

Transport supervisor Martin Davies was at the Roadshow to look for work nearer home as he is sick of his gruelling daily commute from Worcester to Cardiff and has already jacked in his current job.

He now has three companies chasing him, with Taylor Perkins, Tesco and One Stop all pulling him aside for interviews.

Martin, 52, said: “It’s scary leaving your job but I can’t keep doing this commute, it will kill me. I came here looking for work, but I did not expect to be so in demand.”

Jeremy Kyle hosted the panel and praised The Sun for putting on the event
Jamie Lorriman

Daytime TV’s Jeremy Kyle hosted the Roadshow’s panel discussion, featuring experts and employers.

He told the audience: “I’ve been doing this for five years and I’ve seen first-hand how this changes lives. I have massive respect for The Sun for putting on this amazing event.”

Tesco’s personnel director Emma Taylor said: “It’s been great to see so many people here today who are passionate about getting back into work. Across Tesco and One Stop we’ve got 2,000 vacancies.”

Jeremy Kyle and the Sunemployment Roadshow returns to help the public find jobs
Premier Inn boss Simon Ewins praised job seekers for their resilience
Jamie Lorriman

Premier Inn boss Simon Ewins said: “The most valuable life skill you have is resilience, and the fact you’re all here despite knock-backs proves you’ve all got it.

"It doesn’t matter how many times the door slams, eventually it will happen.”

Seema Flower, of specialist employment consultancy Blind Ambition, told the audience: “I have four per cent vision and I’m registered blind but I set up my own chain of hair salons and now I run my own consultancy business.

"Don’t let anything hold you back.”

The roadshow in Birmingham saw twenty-five jobless Sun readers bagging new employment
Jamie Lorriman

There is still time to bag your dream job at the Sunemployment Roadshow, with thousands of jobs available from top companies including Tesco, JD Wetherspoon, TGI Fridays and Premier Inn.

We will be at Manchester Town Hall today. Doors open at 10.30am and each event runs until 2.30pm.

The panel debate is at midday, and there is a chance to win £100 worth of Tesco vouchers for everyone attending.


PETROLHEAD Saifur Rahman, 22, landed a trial shift for his dream job as a driver.

Saifur has been unemployed for three months but Iceland is giving him a chance to work as a delivery driver.

He said: “I’m really happy, I walk into a room unemployed and walk out with a job.
“I’m a young guy, I’m bored and frustrated with never having any money.”
Now Saifur can afford to soup up his Seat Leon.
He said: “I love my car. I want to modify it but I’ve had no money.
“Driving for a living is a dream come true. I’ll give the trial shift my all.”


DEMANI LARGIE, 18, came to our roadshow after being turned down for another job that day.

Demani, of Birmingham, has been unemployed since April and came to ask our panel what was going wrong.

Demani impressed employers at the roadshow so much that he landed himself a new job as a bartender
Jamie Lorriman

Instead, employers were so impressed with his confidence he was offered a job as a bartender by Wetherspoons within two minutes.

Demani said: “The recruitment coordinator heard me speak to the panel, she grabbed me straight away after and gave me a job offer."

He said the job offer made him feel confident again
Jamie Lorriman

“She said I seemed confident and would be perfect behind the bar.

“This morning I was turned down for another job. It was a blow, I felt vulnerable but now I feel like an asset.

“It has made me feel confident again.”