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Jean Claude Juncker brands the European Parliament ‘ridiculous’ after only 30 MEPs turned up to hear him speak

TWO EU chiefs hurled abuse at each other in an extraordinary public bust-up.

Unpopular EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker branded the European Parliament “ridiculous” after only 30 MEPs turned up to hear him and the Maltese Prime Minister speak.

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Only 30 MEPs turned up to the European Parliament to hear EU Commission President Jean Claude Junker speak[/caption]

It sparked a furious response from European Parliament boss Antonio Tajani who told Mr Juncker to have a “more respectful attitude” towards MEPs.

And wagging his finger, the Italian MEP reminded the former Luxembourg PM that the European Parliament controlled the Commission – not the other way around.

Mr Tajani said: “Mr President, I will ask you please to change your language.

“We are not ridiculous, please. Please.”

But this only infuriated Mr Juncker more and he went on to claim MEPs had skipped yesterday’s session because it was with the Maltese Prime Minister rather than German Chancellor Angela Merkel or French President Emmanuel Macron.

He told Mr Tajani: “There are only a few members in the plenary to control the Commission. You are ridiculous! I want to pay tribute to the Maltese.”

European Parliament boss, Antonio Tajani, told Mr Junker to have ‘a more respectful attitude’[/caption]

Jean Claude Junker warned that he would ‘never again attend a meeting of this kind’[/caption]

Mr Juncker added: “I would like to welcome those that have actually taken the trouble to turn out this morning.

“But the fact there are only about 30 members of Parliament present in this debate only really illustrates the fact that Parliament is not serious in this.

“I’m putting that to you today. If Mrs Merkel or Mr Macron perhaps would have be there there would have been full.”

And he finished his tirade by telling Mr Tajani: “I will never again, I will never again attend a meeting of this kind.”