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Jodie Marsh slammed by fans after she shows off personalised artwork by Charles Bronson

JODIE Marsh sparked controversy this week when she revealed she has received some art work from notorious criminal Charles Bronson.

The 38-year-old reality star explained that she had been given the art from 64-year-old Bronson via his fiancé, Paula Williamson.

Jodie Marsh has struck up an unlikely friendship with Charles Bronson

Charles was originally imprisoned for armed robbery in 1974, but eventually was given a life sentence due to further violent acts.

But it seems the criminal – who has been played on the big screen by Tom Hardy in the 2009 film, Bronson – has some level of friendship with Jodie.

“Ok so this is MEGA! Charlie Bronson (as in THE Charlie Bronson who Tom Hardy played in the film Bronson about his life) has done me a piece of art!” Jodie wrote on Instagram, sharing a drawing that she claims was sketched by Charles.

“I am so excited and chuffed to have received this. I can’t tell you!

“He also wrote me a letter, I won’t say what’s in it as he talks about mutual friends of ours and it’s private but I am sooooooo excited to receive this piece of art from Charlie himself,” she gushed.

“What a cool and unique thing to own from Britain’s most famous bad boy!

The reality star claims she is in communication with the 64-year-old inmate
SWNS:South West News Service
Jodie shared a drawing on Instagram that she says Charles drew for her

“He starts his letter by saying ‘Jodie, I only do my art for special people, I’ve always looked upon you as a true survivor….’

“thank you so much Charlie. This is getting framed and put on the wall in my house! And a massive thanks to Paula, Charlie’s fiancée for getting this to me,” the reality star wrote.

However her post online attracted criticism from followers – who berated her for bragging about the work of a violent criminal.

“Wtf is this…let’s all idolize a violent criminal? Jesus,” one unimpressed fan wrote.

Tom Hardy played Charles Bronson in a 2009 film
Bronson: Life story of violent armed robber Charles Bronson

Another typed in the Instagram comment section: “Hardly anything to brag about!”

Another wrote: “This is a very violent man and your bragging about a picture he's drawn like he's a legend... seriously.”

However some fans shared Jodie’s interest, with one writing: “what a great thing to own from a troubled but very interesting and intelligent man!”

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