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Things you need to know about if Pizza = Life

Pizza is the currency of our generation.

There is no truer love than the love between a hungry person and a pizza… or let’s be honest, the love between any person, anytime, and a pizza.

No matter your topping (unless you put mayonnaise on your pizza in which case, get out), there’s room for everyone in the utopia of pizza lovers.

Fully acknowledging this great life truth, Quidco – simple and free way and secure way to earn cashback every time you shop- is offering you a way to eat your Domino’s pizza AND get cashback – £15 cashback to be precise.

Yep, really.

And yes, you are correct, that is the perfect amount to buy yet more pizza.

Given that Quidco help over 7 million people in the UK earn cashback every time they shop with exclusive offers and cashback rates at over 4,500+ retailers and services, this deal doesn’t come as a surprise.

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