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2017 NFL draft: The first round’s most questionable pick and best value



Washington Redskins steal Jonathan Allen at No. 17

This dominant Alabama defensive lineman could have went at pick No. 3 with little more than a blink. Worries about his long-term career likely caused him to drop to Washington due to arthritis in his shoulders. Allen terrorized SEC offensive lines for his entire Alabama career and he was named college football’s best defender. The medical concerns make him a higher-risk pick, but he could win defensive rookie of the year due to his disruption inside. He’ll immediately be the Redskins’ best defensive lineman.


Chicago Bears trade up to No. 2 to get North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

This was a universal head-scratcher given the Bears gave a guaranteed $18.5 million to Mike Glennon on a three-year free agent deal last month. Trubisky may be the draft’s best quarterback, but few considered him a top-10 talent. A trade with San Francisco to move up one spot cost Chicago two third round picks and a fourth round pick. Big win for new 49ers general manager John Lynch.