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This Guy Ran A Half Marathon And Shotgunned A Beer At Every Mile Marker


Emmet Farnan is a real runner, and by that I mean he can handle drinking 13 beers while running a half marathon and not dying.

The YouTuber recently posted GoPro footage of himself running the Holy Half Marathon at the University of Notre Dame on April 1 with a special twist.

“I wish this was an April Fool’s Joke but I’m going to run the Holy Half and I’m going to do it a little special,” Farnan said. “Every mile I’m going to shotgun a beer at the beginning of it. I don’t know how it’s going to go, I’m probably gonna want to die at mile seven or eight, but we’re gonna do it.”

Farnan shotgunned one before he got to the start line, and his friend, Rob Freedy, brought a dozen beers with him and followed behind on a bicycle so he could get to each mile marker before he got there.

Running a half marathon while someone follows you on a bike with a cooler of cold beverages sounds like the ideal way to achieve that kind of athletic feat. But beer? Well, that can complicate things a bit.

He does surprisingly well when you consider he had to stop and consume 12 more beers after gunning one 30 minutes before the race starts. Farnan finished in 1:43:42—just under a 7:55 pace for the half.

He does appear to throw up at least once during the video, but it’s not a ton considering how much liquid he puts in him and how quickly it goes in. The beer does appear to take a toll on him at times unless he’s just a very talkative runner, which is possible I suppose. When I run I’m not exactly interested in speaking or running or even existing, but he’s downright chipper despite all that mediocre barley and water rumbling around inside his gut.

But no matter what the beer quality, it’s an impressive feat. Most people can’t even do a beer mile, let alone a shotgun half marathon and run it under eight minutes a mile. Next up has to be the drunken full, right? Maybe not 26 beers, but at least a few during the 26.2 miles seems doable.

Who’s up for it?

(Via Bleacher Report)