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Phil Simms opens up about the pain of being replaced by Tony Romo

CBS electing to put Tony Romo on its No. 1 NFL commentary team caught many by surprise. Not only because Romo has no broadcast experience but also because it would mean veteran analyst Phil Simms, who has been on the CBS’s No. 1 crew since it got the NFL back in 1998, would need a new role.

On Wednesday we learned what that would be: Simms will join The NFL Today, CBS’s Sunday pregame show.

Simms spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch about the move:

Listen, I didn’t make any comments for a lot of reasons and you want to sit there and think about it. Initially was my pride hurt? Absolutely. Of course it was…So it took a little bit. Not long. I started thinking about it in a positive way and then I became excited about it. [CBS Sports Chairman] Sean [McManus] had talked to me over the years about maybe going into the studio. I now get to follow the league like I want to. That was probably the most frustrating thing about my job. You do one or two games a week, you can’t really pay attention to the other teams like I wanted to do. When you do games, you are all-in on those games. On Inside The NFL, I get to say things about stuff that I never get to say in a broadcast.

Of course Simms pride was hurt. He’s put in a lot of work in the color commentary business and now he’s being replaced by someone who’s never stepped in a booth. It’s a bold move by CBS, for sure. But the truth is, Simms had slipped in recent years and this is the best move for all parties involved.

(Thanks to Sports Illustrated for sharing)