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Stephen Colbert Addresses Trump’s Attempt At Furious And Fiery Diplomacy With North Korea

The tensions between North Korea and the United States rose to new levels today when North Korea’s potential advances in nuclear capabilities were commented on by President Trump, who fell just short of some solid alliteration by promising “fire, fury, and frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before” if Pyongyang were to act on their mounting threats. This was met just hours later by North Korea stating they were “examining the operational plan” to strike the area around the American territory of Guam with ballistic missiles.

At the tail end of this back and forth between nations, North Korea said the United States was attempting to roll out a “preventive war” then declared that if they were to execute the perceived aggression, North Korea would engage in an “all-out war wiping out all the strongholds of enemies, including the U.S. mainland.” Yep.

This has led to thousands of stressed-out tweets and a Stephen Colbert who just wants Trump to shut up more than ever. No, Colbert does not want to be an alarmist (he even says so in the video), but… “We’re all gonna die.”

Unfortunately for Colbert, these tough times full of existential dread, staring down the possibility of nuclear winter, comes while he’s enjoying his widest ratings gap ever against Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show.